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Wick moisture away; How to Keep Your Bathroom Dry and Hygienic

A dry bathroom is safe and relatively healthier in comparison to one with excessive condensation. Did you know that trapped moisture can cause mildew to form? Prolonged exposure to mildew can cause serious problems, negatively affecting your respiratory system. Keeping humidity to a minimum, reducing trapped moisture and banning wet floors are the best way to maintain a safe and hygienic bathroom. There has never been a better time to take a more proactive approach to your health and hygiene. Read on to find out how you can keep your bathroom dry and bid adieu to mildew!

Ventilate that space.

Condensation refers to temperature, air and water vapor droplets. A humid environment like that of a bathroom can lead to unsightly mold if there is no proper ventilation in your bathroom. If you have an extractor fan, do make use of it! It will get rid of excess moisture, consequently reducing condensation. Similarly, an open window can do the trick just as well! It allows fresh air to circulate freely within the space and will ensure that cold surfaces like that of ceramic tiles or bath ware attract marginally less condensation. Adding plants to your bathroom can have many aesthetic and physical benefits! It improves the quality of air in your home by drawing away existing toxins in the air whilst absorbing excess moisture!

Wipe it and wipe it well!

Wiping surfaces that are prone to get wet after using the bathroom will help eliminate mold formation. It may seem like a chore to do each time you have a bath, but it can stop fungi and bacteria in its tracks. Simply ensuring that your bathroom is not soaked is good enough to prevent spores causing respiratory distress and allergic reactions. Rocell tiles and bathware are non-porous and can inhibit mold growth, reducing the risk of bacterial contamination, making it a safe choice for you and your loved ones. Rocell bathware conforms to British Standard-BS 3402:1969 and European CE certification, a key guarantee of consumer safety, health and environmental ideals. While you are busy banishing excess water off the floor, it is a good idea to wipe down washbasins and fix leaky faucets which can further contribute to fungal growth in their own way. Checking water absorption levels and relevant certifications before purchasing a tile can save you a lot of money in the long run. Investing in a quality product will prevent you from unnecessary expenses down the line.

Consistency is key.

Use consistent cleaning techniques in relation to your bathroom. Aim to clean it once a week and use quality products. Rocell products – be it tiles or sanitaryware are designed to withstand even the toughest cleaning solutions. Investing in a steam mop, a good grout cleaner and plenty of carpets that you can switch out regularly is essential. You do not want to be using a mop that holds excess water as it can be a futile attempt in cleaning. To truly disinfect your space thoroughly, make use of anti-bacterial cleaning solutions, quality equipment, and most importantly, stick to a schedule!

Floors deserve special attention.

Sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, there are multiple ways you can choose to clean your floor. Vacuuming is particularly effective at seeking out dust particles in places that are hard to reach and to see! Follow this step with a quick mop of your floor to leave your tiles sparkling clean and at the peak of maintenance. Spin-mops are ideal for everyday cleaning purposes and are widely available. Remember that although there are many DIY hacks to get rid of stains on floors online, you need to do your research before implementing any of these hacks. Be careful not to damage your tiles with overly vigorous scrubbing. Take care and treat them according to manufacturer directions. The last thing you need is to discolor or cause irreversible damage to your tiles! Rocell tiles are tested for water absorption (ISO 10545.3), resistance to abrasion (ISO 10545.6/10545.7) and more! Rocell tiles maintain strict standards on physical properties as we never compromise on quality. With Rocell, you can clean your tiles vigorously without worrying about structural damage. Our quality assurance criteria are sure to fulfil even the most stringent requirements.

Adopting hygienic habits today paves the way for a future that does not compromise on your health and safety!



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