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  • Sonal Silva

Up your floor game with rocell’s wood tiles

Sponsored by Rocell

Take a trip down memory lane back to when you were a little girl, and imagine the first time you pretty much planned exactly how you want your wedding to look like when you got older. We’ve all done it at some point or another. But fast-forward a decade and a half later, and we’re no longer just planning our wedding but how we envision the home of our dreams. From beautiful paintings to tasteful furniture to homely colours with pops of vibrancy to intricate tiles.

Wood tiles in particular can add a world of elegance, elevating the look of any home. ‘Why though?’ you may ask. Not only are these tiles unique and stylish, but they also add a certain aura of artistry.

Imagine a floor that is so different it’s a conversation starter at your next party! Rocell, the quintessential interior market revolutionary, is no stranger to the tile game, and based on your tastes and preferences, they will guide you towards making the right decision for your home. You can’t go wrong with them at your side (promise!)

Typically, treating and maintaining wood surfaces for a longer period of time isn’t easy. From painting to oiling to protection against water, stains and harmful pests, you may wind up irritated and spending far more than anticipated on upkeep.

But, with Rocell’s wood tiles, the issues you may usually face are all addressed. What’s more? They offer a range of wood collections in a variety of designs, textures and sizes to choose from, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Rocell wood-look tiles are a long-lasting alternative to traditional hardwood that is both highly durable and aesthetically pleasing.

No matter what type of look you’re feeling, Rocell will steer you in the right direction. Some of their tile collections include Palm Wood (available in white, natural, grey and beige), Tropical Timber (available in pine wood, mahogany and teak), Antique Wood (in white, brown, black, beige, green, and tobacco), Timber (in teak and pine wood), Pisa (in coffee brown, rosso, beige and ivory), and Roble (in casona, antica, cognac), Toscano (in natural and acre), and Teka dry wood.

From planks to large tiles, to textures and sizes, Rocell has everything you could possibly require when outfitting the floors of your home while giving it that natural wooden finish.

Make your dream home a reality with Rocell tiles. With their stunning collections of not just wood tiles, but also stone, marble, monochrome colours, cement and so much more, Rocellwill be your only stop for all your elegant flooring needs. So what are you waiting for? Stop by their store today!



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