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  • Sonal Silva

Transforming your bathroom into a spa!

Sponsored by Rocell

The power of a coveted spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom is not to be underestimated. It can serve as an oasis for the senses, a place of refuge and sanctity of wellness within your home. Coupled with the right lighting, aesthetics and aromatherapy, your bathroom is one step closer to becoming the perfect escape from stress within your home.

Therapeutic colours to set the mood. 

Choosing a colour palette that specifically helps you achieve a spa-like appearance can help elevate your senses. Neutral colours or cool colours intermingling with whites and greys will create balance and help you disconnect from the outside world. Rocell’s marble or mono-colour wall tiles are ideal for a hidden oasis that escapes the clutter of life.

Soft lighting for the ambience.

You need an intimate ambience to create a harmonious balance in your bathroom to recreate the effects of a spa. Soft lights can help you achieve this. Think of scented candles and mood lighting that give a dull yet cool aura to the room. Indirect lighting throws away harsh glares from bright lights and helps ease the mind and step into a space of relaxation. 

Accessories for a tidy aesthetic.

It is fundamental that your bathroom has tidy spaces; no spa-like atmosphere deserves clutter and disorganisation. Utilise baskets, trolleys with compartments and Rocell’s Bathroom accessories to organise an obstacle-free bathroom that you can step into and step away from the hustle of life. Clear surfaces create a clear mind that can help you embrace positivity and a higher state of mind. Other accessories, like a free-standing bathtub, are indulgent escapes that allow you to soak in moments of blissfulness as the warm water envelops you. Soothing and kind to your mind, a long bath can have a miraculous effect on uplifting your mood all from the comfort of your own home. 

Plants to purify your environment.

Improving the quality of air in your bathroom can be as simple as using a plant to absorb moisture from the surrounding air. Certain plants, like aloe vera, have a cleansing effect to them, helping eliminate negative energy and vibrations. Incorporating the philosophy of feng shui in your bathroom can help you achieve the blissful indulgence you seek.

Luxury within reach is a very real possibility with just a few minor adjustments that help you reach your ideal style sensibility. An instant spa retreat can enhance your mood and make your bathroom the refuge of relaxation; we know it should be!


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