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  • Sonal Silva

The Architectural Marvel of Wild Coast Tented Lodge in Sri Lanka

Courtesy Wild Coast Tented Lodge

The Wild Coast Tented Lodge, situated along the pristine beaches of Yala National Park in Sri Lanka, is a testament to architectural innovation and seamless integration with nature. This safari-inspired lodge, designed by Nomadic Resorts, offers a luxurious yet eco-friendly retreat that captures the essence of safari living. Bo Reudler, a renowned interior designer, and his team were entrusted with infusing vitality into the design, aiming to evoke curiosity and marvel. The overall design philosophy revolves around sustainability, prioritizing minimal impact on the delicate ecosystem of Yala National Park.

One of the most striking features of Wild Coast Tented Lodge is its cluster of cocoon-like structures known as 'Cocoons.' These free-standing, dome-shaped tents mimic the boulders scattered across the nearby landscape, creating a visual harmony between the man-made and the natural. The open-air design of the Cocoons allows guests to immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of the surrounding wilderness while maintaining a sense of privacy and luxury.

The pavilions at Wild Coast Tented Lodge, initially resembling solid boulders, are revealed upon closer inspection to be crafted with a vaulted woven bamboo grid shell and clad in reclaimed teak shingles, achieving a balance between solidity and openness. The architectural ingenuity is evident in large arched openings and high vaulted ceilings, creating a spacious environment with concentric ventilation slits contributing to a human-scale feel. The 'Bar and Dining Pavilion,' a central gathering area, seamlessly blends contemporary and traditional safari lodge elements with a soaring bamboo structure providing a sheltered yet open space for guests to enjoy gourmet meals while overlooking the Indian Ocean. This communal hub serves as a social space for guests to share wildlife encounters and unwind in luxury.

Venturing inside, the interior design of Wild Coast Tented Lodge pays homage to the treasures concealed within boulders—caves, crystals, and veins of precious minerals. The spaces evoke a sense of discovery, adventure, and enchantment, seamlessly blending ecological luxury with local elegance and a contemporary edge. The architects have artfully echoed the site's context by incorporating local materials such as stone, quartz, and mud brick. This rich palette is complemented by copper, brass, terrazzo, wood, bamboo, and textiles, creating a sensory experience that connects guests with the natural surroundings. Emphasizing high-quality materials that age gracefully, the interiors boast sculptural light installations, punctuating the main spaces with a touch of artistry and sophistication.

Wild Coast Tented Lodge won UNESCO’s Prix Versailles for Worlds’ Best Restaurant Design in 2018, was recognized in the Conde Nast Traveler 2018 Hot List, Harper’s Bazaar 2018 Travel Guide and 2019 Tatler Travel Guide. It was also voted Number 5 at Condé Nast Traveler’s Readers’ Choice Award and was shortlisted for the Geoffrey Bawa Awards for Excellence in Architecture in 2020. Wild Coast Tented Lodge in Sri Lanka is a masterpiece of architectural ingenuity that goes beyond conventional luxury resorts. Nomadic Resorts and Bo Reudler Studio have succeeded in creating a haven where architecture and nature coalesce, offering an unparalleled experience for those seeking a harmonious retreat amidst the wild beauty of Sri Lanka.

project address: Palatupana, Yala 82600, Sri Lanka

client: Resplendent

program: resort with welcome area, restaurant, bar, library, pool, spa, 28 looper villas and 8 urchin children’s rooms

total floor area: 5250 m2.

architects: nomadic resorts

design team: olav bruin, with freddie catlow, inma cantero, oana tudose, julian klaus trummer

interior design: bo reudler studio

design team: bo reudler, with mandy finke, oana tudose, maddalena gioglio, daniela oliveira, nele teerlinck, larissa thoin, martyna purtak

landscape design: nomadic resorts

environmental & mep engineering: xc02 energy

lighting consultant: robert jan vos

contractor: nomadic resorts

design: 2014-2015

construction: 2015-2017

completion: september 2017



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