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  • Sonal Silva

Different bathroom types to reflect your personality and lifestyle

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Know different bathroom types to discern what’s best for your home

Whether it is to be used as a place of functionality, aesthetics or relaxation, creating the perfect bathroom involves the art and science of balancing space, size, budgets and functional requirements with the right materials, fixtures and accessories. There are several types of bathrooms depending on size, functionality and usage – knowing which type of bathroom you will need in different parts of your home is essential to ensure maximum utility and complement the overall design. Ultimately, a beautiful bathroom is not only about layout, design and utility; it also reflects your personality and lifestyle.


Also referred to as a guest bathroom, a powder room is small, compact and artfully created; it is one of the first revelations of your intimate lifestyle to guests. Mainly consisting of only a water closet and washbasin with a mirror above it, this elegant room is best located on the ground floor of a home. Make an impression by choosing your accessories with care. It’s a small space so keep things simple – do not clutter it. Provide items such as hand lotion, eau de cologne, facial tissues, hand towels and perhaps some flowers for your guests.


Given the limited space in houses these days, many homeowners are compelled to opt for small bathrooms that cover all the main requirements within a small area. Opt for a handheld bidet shower to save space, a shower cubicle to ensure dryness and wall hanging bathroom storage to make the most of the available space. Choose a soothing tile colour with brilliant white fixtures – and remember the simple yet effective bathroom accessories. Select a matching colour for bathroom carpets and towels, and maybe even hang a witty quote on the wall.


Ideal for homes where two or more family members share a bathroom, family bathrooms must be designed to be spacious with all necessary bathroom items. Having two washbasins (his and hers) or a double bowl washbasin will make life easier and likely save time on busy mornings! Install separate cubicles for your water closet and shower to save even more time while ensuring privacy. Do not clutter your bathroom and ensure there is plenty of storage space for personal items. Add some oomph and colour to your family bathroom by mixing and matching tiles, bathroom fixtures and other accessories.


For those seeking a place to rejuvenate, un wind and find peace, a luxury bathroom is essential.

These bathrooms are larger with ample space to relax and spend time in. Luxury bathrooms contain premium quality bathware items and fixtures with stunning designs – so include additional seats. Install a shower cubicle – preferably one that opens out to the sky in a shower corner – and an enticing Jacuzzi as the centrepiece with a glass wall. Interior decor is as important as functional items in a luxury bathroom; so pay attention to how you decorate this oasis in your home. Have scented candles, books, an ornate mirror and fluffy towels with flowers, or succulents placed here and there for effect.


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