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  • Sonal Silva

Designer bathware that contributes to a dynamic living space

Sponsored by Rocell

“The natural language of the soul is the movement of the body” said Isadora Duncan, the late performance artist of French origins in the early 1800’s. Human’s natural movements are simple, agile, and expressive. The motions of a ballet dancer- whether in midair, taking a breath, or holding a simple pose that exude life in human form, are similar to exemplary postures adhered in ergonomics, the applied science’s apt design to increase human efficiency, of which we found gracefully reflected in the sculpting of Rocell ceramics. Similar to a choreographed dance where performers search for a new physical language that is specific to what they are expressing, Rocell bathware exudes robust aestheticism.

How can you relate ballet to ergonomics?

A recital of ballet tells a story through graceful movements. The seamless postures of dance draw a resonance to the postures of ergonomics. They synchronize poetically, celebrating the human body and form. Likewise,Rocell bathware permit the mind to be free and wander while the body goes through the motions. The ergonomic designs of the international guidelines from integrated armrests to lumbar support, provide the right angle for bathers to lie back with ease, transforming into a relaxing experience, a conducive space for ideas to spring forth while enhancing the physiological and psychological wellbeing of the user.

The human anatomy continues to inspire contemporary designs and innovations. The Vitruvian Man sketched by legendary artist, Leonardo Da Vinci is proclaimed to be the universal measure of man. Da Vinci believed that the proportions of the divinely created human body is perfect and symmetrical, and therefore is a muse to architecture and design. Vitruvian Man was the quest of Da Vinci that tied together his art and science, which continues to influence contemporary design thinking in terms of anatomy, geometry and symmetry. Similarly, expertly crafted Rocell bathware products are a study of human body and ergonomics where structures, postures and patterns of human beings are carefully replicated to adhere global ergonomic principles. Consequently, they result in visually pleasing ceramics that bring together ergonomics and aesthetics through a rhythmic symphony leading to a picturesque space.

How does designer ceramics contribute to a picturesque and dynamic living space?

The modern and rapid way of life has paved way for the bathroom to transform into a space of leisure and recreation igniting one’s creative consciousness. Rocell’s Italian design has been rooted in the essence of quality - specifically the quality of the process which directly affects the quality of the outcome. A sense of quality is embedded in the characterization of Italian design. Needless to say, designers are problem solvers. Taking a few steps backs or deconstructing elements provide the designer with a fresh perspective to their subject, leading to a new angle of approaching their work. Reflected in Rocell’s range of designer bathware products conceptualized by three internationally acclaimed designers of Italian origin, Dr. Stefano Giovannani, Carlo Urbinati, and Simone Cagnazzo, its innovative designs seamlessly blend ergonomics, character, quality and functionality into the modern bathroom cultivating a sense of peace and quiet within one’s mind.

How does Zen operate in here?

While adding style and functionality to one’s bathroom, it is essential to note the zen element in transforming the space to that of harmony rejuvenating one’s body and mind. When we say ‘Zen’, we often think meditation: a distraction from the humdrum of worldly ways invoking an opening to one’s creative consciousness. It happens to all of us—you are in the shower or having bubble bath and inspiration strikes. So one may wonder, why is it that we always seem to have great ideas in the shower? The short answer is that it is a result of the oneness created between the human mind and consciousness. With the physiological comfort achieved by the height and depth of the Rocell’s Bathware, the lighting sets an inspiring ambiance. With designs that resemble slanting organic postures, Rocell Bathware are consciously designed to exemplify functionality, creating a bold statement in a modern bathroom.

With timeless style and urbane panache, Rocell’s inimitable designs offer practicality with wondrous aesthetics. While bathware recreates personal space, it produces an environment to relax the body and mind, capturing the creative spirit. Creation is the highest form of enlightenment or the disclosure of human thinking. When diligently focused, our attention tends to be directed toward the details of the problems we’re trying to solve. Imagine a problem or a creative thought that you have been pondering excessively yet could not solve, flourish dramatically during a relaxing bath, when the mind is at ease? Rocell bathware embodies sublime curves designed to complement the anatomy of the human form with its graceful sophistication allowing to disengage from the individual pieces of a puzzle, to let in the moment for a solution to appear. Thus is the wholesome character of Rocell’s design.



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