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  • Sonal Silva

Create a home that heals you mentally and spiritually

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A bathroom is many things to different people. A functional space, a sanctuary, a quiet place for reflection or even a place where great ideas are born. The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home and is a reflection of your personal taste and style. So no matter how large or small your bathroom is, it must be aptly fitted out with great care.

Bathrooms vary in shape, style and size according to homes and their layout. So it’s important to find the right bathware, in the perfect size that is compatible to the style and colour of the rest of your home.

Colours & Themes that Complement and Enhance

Choose bathware that goes well with the colours and designs of your bathroom cabinets and tiles. Make sure each item complements the other, striking a comfortable balance and energy. For straightforward bathrooms in classical design, white is a safe choice, especially if you plan to keep it plain and simple. A decorative item such as a potted plant, a mirror frame or a picture in a contrasting spot colour, can add style and character. Or you could go for a themed bathroom suited to your taste. Today, you’ll find plenty of bathware in a range of colours that can work well with various design or colour themes.

Comfort Levels

For a bit of comfort and pampering, install a superior quality bathtub or shower, or even both. A relaxing soak in the bath or a warm shower with good water pressure can be just the thing after a tiring day.

Cleaning Convenience

Keep in mind the cleaning factor. Install bathware items that are easy to clean and require minimum time to do so. This applies to wall and floor tiles as well.

The size

Take into account the space you have to work with. If it’s a large bathroom, by all means go for a large, luxurious bathtub, ample shower cubicles or ‘his’ and ‘hers’ wash basins. Make use of the space and install any other items that wouldn’t normally fit into an average or small sized bathroom. If you are limited to a small bathroom, consider items that are most important only.

Quality & Resistance

Beauty is important but the quality and durability of the bathware is even more so because you want it to last for many years. Conduct some research before making a purchase and ensure that what you are buying is weight resistant and durable. Good quality bathware isn’t tough to maintain because it is manufactured for hygiene and is stain resistant and easy to clean.

The Best Quality Raw Materials

Rocell places great importance on ensuring that all products are manufactured according to the strictest guidelines and the entire process is monitored from the very beginning. Rocell has partnered with global giants in raw materials to ensure only the best and safest raw materials are used such as Ball Clay and Kaolin which are imported from Sibelco in the United Kingdom. The entire process is carried out in environmentally friendly conditions.



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