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  • Daniel Perera

Choosing the right colours can make or break your decor!

The right colours and textures of your tiling can elevate your interior decor! From shapes to textures, to unique designs, you need to be careful when it comes to choosing your tiles. Designing your home is incredibly important as it reveals your personality, highlights your space and draws attention to your tastes! Check out our inspirational tips before choosing your colour palette.

Size matters

If you’ve got a smaller room, opting for a very bright colour can make your space appear more crowded than it is. Opt for a muted, neutral colour palette. Think whites, nudes and dull colours. Lighter hues can help make a room appear larger than it is; and if you absolutely need a little bit of colour, you can always opt for a feature wall with a brighter or patterned tiling design. Darker colours are great for open spaces like kitchens with open floor plans that have plenty of natural light filtering in.

Colour wheel combinations

Want to make an especially vibrant statement? Go for colours that oppose each other on the colour wheel! Terracotta tiles against rich royal blues or greens are a wonderful addition. Primary colours are great solid tile colour ideas, but you should be careful not to overuse it as this can create an overwhelming atmosphere.

Colour your moods

For an elevated atmosphere, you can opt for colours that match the mood you want certain rooms to possess. Tone-on-tone colours will create a more tranquil feeling while brighter, bolder colours can help give your room a sense of energy. Choose colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel for a relaxed aura. This palette is great for bedrooms or even bathrooms.

Options, options, options

There are so many options to choose from. If you want an elegant, classy feel, monochromatic palettes are great. The addition of white or black can create a unique design and authentic feel to your overall decor. Contrasting colour palettes, on the other hand, are much more dramatic and can help you create an ambience of energy. Reds and purples, greens and blue or even yellow and orange are great contrasting combinations. Lastly, complementary colours, such as blue and orange, are used to create bold statements. Pair these colours with printed tiles for a truly unique feel for your home.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match tiling options until you get the colour scheme of your dreams! There are various complementary colour palette options readily available on the internet, from boho themes to more! You can pick both; your tiling and decor based on this, mixing and matching to get the perfect combination.



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