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  • Sonal Silva

A few common misperceptions of tiles

Sponsored by Rocell

Tiles have been around for ages and so have the myths surrounding them. Here, we prove how Rocell does away these misperceptions by offering tiles that are true masterpieces.

MYTH Tiles restrict design possibilities.

TRUTH At Rocell, we pride ourselves on designs that aim for perfection. Every tile is designed with artistic consideration and attention to craft. With the technology used in both design and manufacturing, we have been able to recreate anything on a tile surface, hence our ability to offer a range of design possibilities. This design led approach is one of the many reasons why a Rocell tile is no ordinary tile.

MYTH Tiles are not durable.

TRUTH Every Rocell tile that you purchase undergoes a series of internationally recognised stringent tests and control procedures to ensure durability. Made using raw materials sourced with the most sought after origins in the world, our products are resistant to surface abrasion, and protected against crazing and forming hairline cracks.

MYTH Tiles are difficult to clean.

TRUTH Broadly speaking, two factors affect tile cleaning: the water absorption level of a tile and quality of the glaze. All Rocell tiles comply with global standards that ensure hygiene and resistance to staining, which makes cleaning a breeze. Be sure to inquire about the aforementioned aspects before you purchase any tile.

MYTH Any type of tile works anywhere.

TRUTH There is a reason why a superior tile brand has different types of tiles such as ceramic, porcelain, glazed and matt to name a few. All surfaces have different purposes, so be mindful of both the aesthetic appeal and practicality of the tile you purchase. Ask the experts!



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